Locating Your Business in Downtown Dearborn

Downtown Dearborn is an amazing community in which to locate or start-up your business.

Being the birthplace of Henry Ford, Dearborn is steeped in history and innovation, but far from old fashioned with its vibrant tapestry of people, cultures, flavors, businesses and neighborhoods that continue to shape the world. This American melting pot of over 100,000 residents has grown from waves of immigration and industrialization from the late 1800s to current day and now is the 8th largest city in the State of Michigan, and second largest in Wayne County. Only in Dearborn can you go from urban, compact downtowns and neighborhoods to natural wildlife, outdoor recreation and stately homes all within 26 square miles.

Ideally located between Detroit and the Metro Detroit Airport along historic Michigan Avenue, Dearborn’s two downtown districts that developed out of the historic merger of Dearborn, Fordson and part of Dearborn Township in 1929 are uniquely positioned for economic growth. With major tourist attractions like the The Henry Ford and the Arab American National Museum attracting 2 million visitors annually, and over 50,000 daily employees and college students in and around its downtowns, Downtown Dearborn is a regional destination for tourism, arts and employment. Major corporations such as Ford Motor Company and its world headquarters, Beaumont and Carhartt, and two higher level education facilities (University of Michigan_Dearborn and Henry Ford College) help to make Dearborn a hub of innovation.

To capitalize on these stellar assets, Dearborn’s stakeholders have now come together to strategically champion Downtown Dearborn’s continuous economic momentum by working collaboratively to create a vibrant downtown experience for all  – one Dearborn, two distinct districts.  From arts and culture in the east to history and innovation in the west, both downtowns are transforming their environments with significant developments such as the City Hall Artspace Lofts for artist living and start-up space, and the Wagner Place mixed-use redevelopment for 600 Ford employees and retail experiences to name a few.

Dearborn offers everything you need and more than you expect!

Interested in locating your business in Downtown Dearborn? Contact Cristina Sheppard-Decius, Downtown Dearborn Executive Director for more details.

Now Available:  Wagner Place Retail Space

Ford Land broke ground on The Wagner Place in May 2017, a $60 million public/private development  in Downtown West Dearborn. Scheduled to be complete in Summer 2018, Wagner Place will transform two blocks of vacant buildings between Oakwood and Mason on Michigan Avenue into a unique mixed-use urban space with new retail and restaurant options, complemented by new green space, outdoor seating and enhanced walkability. The 150,000-square-foot, three-story mixed-use buildings will also include the restoration of the Wagner Hotel, providing a unique design that integrates well into the downtown environment. Leasing options include a range of sizes for retailers and restaurants along the 40,000 square foot main floor, with a dedicated following of consumers directly above of 600-650 Ford global data insights and analytics employees. The City of Dearborn, WDDDA and Michigan Strategic Fund are contributing to the overall development by constructing a 373-spot parking structure at West Village Drive and Monroe Street, and improving the walkability and bike-ability along Michigan Avenue and the connector streets, totaling over $6 million in public reinvestment.  Click HERE for details on the streetscape plans.

Wagner Place Leasing Options

Wagner Place Overview Video

Now Available:  City Hall Artspace Connector

  Artspace is the nation’s leader in artist-led community transformation, with more than 35 projects in operation across the country and another dozen in development, representing a unique, $600 million investment in America’s arts infrastructure. Through its Consulting division, Artspace has brought its hard-earned expertise to more than 300 cultural planning efforts from coast-to-coast. With headquarters in Minneapolis and offices in Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Seattle and Washington D.C., Artspace is America’s leading developer of arts facilities. To date they have completed nearly 1,500 affordable live/work units for artists and their families, as well as more than a million square feet of non-residential space for artists and arts organizations.

Looking to use the power of the arts to improve East Dearborn’s economic base, the East Dearborn Downtown Development Authority (EDDDA) invited Artspace into the community. Of the 20 potential sites Artspace considered, the most promising proved to be Dearborn City Hall, a three-building campus that occupies an entire block and the City availed itself to move its government offices to a more central location in the city.

In 2016, City Hall Artspace Lofts opened its mixed-use arts campus with 53 affordable, live/work units for artists and their families in Downtown East Dearborn between Maple and Schaefer on Michigan Avenue. They invested over $16.5 million renovating the historic City Hall, and now have 19,510 square feet of commercial leasing space available in their Connector building between the residential buildings. The Connector is perfect for incubating entrepreneurs and artists, office space for creative businesses and non profits, a live/work unit for an artist-in-residency program, and galleries.

Artspace Connector Commercial Leasing Options