Proposed Michigan Avenue Streetscape Designs

On Wednesday, January 31, 2018, the City of Dearborn and WDDDA held two public design review sessions of the proposed Michigan Avenue Streetscape Improvements. The project proposed would improve the walkability and livability of Downtown West Dearborn from the John D. Dingell Train Station (Elm Street) to Outer Drive, estimated at approximately a $5 million dollar investment. The proposed designs still need to be approved by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) since Michigan Avenue is their right-of-way (ROW), and we are still in the process of applying for a TAP Grant through the federal government to help fund this project. Therefore, we do not have a definitive timeline yet for the streetscape improvements.

In order to apply for the TAP Grant and receive approval from MDOT, we are in need of residents, businesses and property owners reviewing the designs and submitting a comment card to us regarding their opinion of the streetscape improvements planned. To submit your comment, please use the following link:

The following artboards illustrate the varying levels of design elements, concept sidewalk and street designs, traffic flow changes, and streetscape amenities. The first artboard indicates that there are three levels of walkability and environmental improvements via the color patterns of yellow, pink and blue. Yellow being the most walkable which is the core of the downtown; pink serving as a transitional area where walkability is still highly important, but improvements will be slightly less as it transitions out to a more auto-oriented area — which is the blue section or otherwise known as the gateways to the downtown area. The green section indicates the streetscape work area that surrounds Wagner Place, which will begin construction in March 2018. This includes the festival street area on West Village Drive. This work is being completed in conjunction with Wagner Place in order to have all hardscapes completed by July 2018 so that Ford employees can move in by that time.

This next artboard indicates the proposed medians and mid-block crossings, as well as some turning movement changes. Mid-block crossings and the medians will improve the pedestrian experience, calm traffic and provide areas of safe rest while crossing Michigan Avenue as a pedestrian. Left turn movements going eastbound on Michigan Avenue and north at Mason, Monroe and Oakwood would be removed, improving walkability and traffic flow.

The next few artboards showcase the changes to the sidewalks, landscaping, and amenities in the three different levels.

The artboards will be on display at the Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce in their Visitor Center if you would like to see these in person. They will be on display for the next two weeks (thru Feb. 16).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us either at 313-943-3088 or via email