Leasing & Development

Leasing & Development

Dearborn is a great Midwestern city of 100,000 people with much to offer investors, visitors and residents. As the hometown of Henry Ford and headquarters to Ford Motor Company, Dearborn boasts amenities that distinguish it from the norm. Examples include:

    •  The Henry Ford (formerly Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village), America’s Greatest History Attraction and one of Michigan’s top tourist destinations with more than 1.7 million visitors annually
    •  The best hotels in the Greater Detroit region, anchored by the 772 room Hyatt Regency, the 308 room Ritz-Carlton and the 228 room historic Dearborn Inn—Marriott
    •  The University of Michigan-Dearborn and Henry Ford Community College, serving 25,000 students
    •  Great community amenities including a 1,200 seat professional theater venue, the Arab American National Museum, four libraries, 43 parks, and a clean and safe environment

Dearborn has experienced $2 billion of investment in all sectors over the last 10 years and has another $2 billion planned or underway for the next 5-10 years. We are extremely enthusiastic about the transformation of our downtown districts, including downtown West Dearborn, which is becoming a great urban center to live, work, and play.

We are development friendly and work hard to partner with investors and new businesses to accomplish our mutual goals.

Please do not hesitate to contact Cristina Sheppard-Decius, Downtown Dearborn Executive Director to talk about your project ideas or interests. You can reach her at 313-943-3088.

Future Development Plans

The WDDDA contracted with the National Resource Network to provide a site assessment and design framework for Downtown West Dearborn. Their recommendations can be found here: NRN Dearborn Recommendations Presentation_03-20-2017. The full report can be accessed here:  NRN Dearborn_FinalReport_03-20-2017